A woman reaches “a certain age” the day someone tells her, or her inner critic says ”at YOUR AGE, you wouldn’t, you shouldn’t, you can’t. ..”

Each episode of “A Certain Age” celebrates amazing women who will, who can and who DO….at their age. Join me and these inspiring women. – Li Hayes, Host



The fashionable scarf that that takes the HOT out of the flash. Finally, practical and beautiful relief from the hot flashes associated with menopause.

Episode 4: Understanding Breast Cancer

GUEST: Tihesha Wilson. Dr. Wilson answers the questions about breast cancer that keep you up at night. Learn how to prevent cancer, treat cancer, and hopefully worry just a little less.

Episode 3: A Certain Age

GUEST: Katharine Weber, best selling author, Professor at Kenyon, Yale and Columbia. She’s appeared in the New Yorker…. But her education is not what you think it is, and neither…

Episode 2: Finding Her Voice

GUEST: Dr. Denise Cesare – A horrible car accident left Denise without a voice and in a battle to keep her job. During 5 years of silence, she started her…

Episode 1: You Can Build It

GUEST: Dr. Cathy Lomartra – After a successful career as a chiropractor, Dr. Cathy Lomartra decided to use her hands to make art. Against fatherly advice to “stick with what…