A woman reaches “a certain age” the day someone tells her, or her inner critic says ”at YOUR AGE, you wouldn’t, you shouldn’t, you can’t. ..”

Each episode of “A Certain Age” celebrates amazing women who will, who can and who DO….at their age. Join me and these inspiring women. – Li Hayes, Host



The fashionable scarf that that takes the HOT out of the flash. Finally, practical and beautiful relief from the hot flashes associated with menopause.

Episode 18: Stranger than Fiction

GUEST: Michelle Villalobos reveals her never-told-before story of what sounds like a movie plot.  The perfect boyfriend turned into a deceptive relationship that almost lead to murder…Stranger than fiction!

Episode 16: A Life in Hollywood

Actress Kathy Garver shares her life in Hollywood – from “The Ten Commandments” to “Family Affair” to voice overs to author, Kathy Garver’s Hollywood career has kept shining.

Episode 15: Believe in Success

Playwright Crystal Rhodes has been profitable and successful since she wrote her first play. Her secret, she always believed she would be successful, and so she always has been.

Episode 13: Women’s Health

Our bodies change all of our lives. Dr. Natasha Chinn is an expert in Women’s health. She describes the changes at a Certain Age and how to be at our…

Episode 12: The Designated Motivator

GUEST: Dawn Brolin took an unranked, losing College softball team, and motivated them to the National Finals. Along the way she learned and shared how important motivation really is.