Cool Me Scarf


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Cool Me Scarf instantly relieves hot flashes.  No wetting, no freezing, no waiting.  Works at room temperature.  Keep in your purse – ready to use.  Look beautiful, feel cool. The fashionable scarf discreetly hides a conducting pack that cools the back of the neck, by drawing heat out of the skin. Works at room temperature.  When hot flash subsides, remove scarf to allow it to return to room temperature, or flip overpack on neck for extended use.

NOTE that the Cool Me Scarf draws heat out of your body to give a cooling sensation. It combats elevated body temperature due to menopause, fever or medical treatments such as chemotherapy. However, it does not cool atmospheric conditions. It cannot reduce your temperature due to external factors such as hot sun.   It is intended primarily for indoor use.

  • Scarf is 100% Lyocell – natural eco-friendly, wood fiber fabric
  • Scarf is approximately 60″ x 20″; one-size fits all
  • Scarf is machine wash and tumble dry.  Scarf is wrinkle-resistant.  Medium iron if desired.
  • Color – Deep Sea Blue
  • Conducting pack is approximately 16″ x 3″
  • Conducting Pack is reusable
  • Conducting pack can be used to soothe night sweats
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