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Alibaba, Amazon, And The Oscars Ensure This Woman’s Business Is Off To A Good Start.

Cool Me Scarf was in the Roger Neil gifting suite. “Being in the Academy Awards gifting suite was a wild ride,” said Hayes. “I felt like a princess. I must’ve had my photograph taken 1000 times.” She was also interviewed several times and got to meet celebrities. “I look forward to using this as a springboard [for my marketing activities]!”

How will you leverage big-name brands to make your business a success?

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How one woman-owned business cools the world.

Li Hayes is a perfect example of this modern ‘womentrepreneur.’ She saw a need in the market — no product existed to cool menopausal women down during hot flashes. She also recognized the inability of cancer patients to regulate body temperature. Li left her desk job behind to build her product and embark on the entrepreneurial dream.

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Li is also the inventor of The Cool Me scarf, a fashionable, luxurious scarf that provides on-the-go relief from hot flashes. The Cool Me scarf is a discreet and practical solution for the uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms of menopause impacting up to 80 percent of middle-aged women.

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Middle age can be cruel to women. The aging process is not pretty. But Li Hayes, a mom, an entrepreneur, and a woman of a certain age wasn’t about to let hormones get the best of her. Problems are simply an opportunity waiting to be solved. She researched the market and couldn’t find a solution for hot flashes that was right for busy, working women, so she invented her own, the Cool Me Scarf.

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As an entrepreneur, Li Hayes wanted to create a fashionable and wearable solution for menopausal hot flashes. With the help of Alibaba.com, she was able to turn her business idea into Cool Me Scarf and has brought her products to other women – and to the Oscars.

LIVE: Li Hayes - A Certain Age Doesn't Mean the End ladies!

Ladies, listen up! Your age does NOT define the end of your story. 50 isn’t old, nor does it mean your life is over. It’s only just beginning for many women over 40. 🙌

Li Hayes, the founder of A Certain Age TV and the Cool Me Scarf, was live with me today to talk about the INCREDIBLE women she meets with empowering stories of their accomplishments after hitting 40.